• Preventative Care

    Preventative Care

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    See why routine preventative care is so important for a healthy lifestyle.


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     The Staff at Panther Hollow Dental Lodge strives to give back to our local community.


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  • Implants

    dental model with different types of treatments (implant placement bonded bridge crown over implant) isolated on white background

    A dental implant replaces a missing tooth.  It can be a single tooth, bridge or even to hold in a denture.  The first step is replacing the tooth root with a small titanium implant into the jaw bone.  Once the bone integrates and is well healed, the implant is fitted with an abutment and then eventually fitted with a crown.  The process may take up to 6 months to allow for proper healing and a successful implant.

    Implants are also used to anchor a denture.  This makes every day activities such as eating and talking easier than with a traditional denture.

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