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    4 Common Reasons You May Need a Dental Filling

    November 1, 2017

    No one wants to go to the dentist. One thing that they often will be worried about is that they need to have a filling and that the dentist will have to use the drill. But did you know that there are different reasons why you need a filling? Below are four reasons why you may need to have fillings in your teeth.

    1. One of Your Teeth Has a Cavity

    This is the biggest reason why you might have to have a filling on your tooth. Most people are affected by tooth decay sometime in their lives and that’s the reason why everyone has at least one filling in their mouth.

    Your step after a cavity is discovered will be your choice. Most people choose a filling to fill in that hole that is the cavity and so that the tooth’s function is restored. There are a few choices when you want to have a filling done. It can be made of gold, made of amalgam (combination of mercury and other kinds of metals), or you can choose a filling that looks like your tooth so that they blend in with the rest of your teeth and no one will be the wiser.

    2. Your Tooth is Cracked

    This problem is very common, even more common than you might think. You might not even know that your tooth’s cracked until you start feeling pain or you go to your dentist.

    Crafts often develop because you are grinding or clenching your teeth. They also can happen when you’re biting too hard when eating something crunchy or hard, such as olive pits, popcorn that isn’t popped or hard candy.

    If the crack is discovered early, your dentist will be able to treat it like they do a cavity. They’ll clean the inside out so that bacteria is removed and then fill in that empty space. If you have a really large crack, sometimes a crown is a much better option.

    3. Your Tooth is Chipped

    When a tooth is chipped, it’s usually easier for you to see than one that is cracked. Chips often happen due to an injury or accident. These could be something like being struck in the face or mouth with something, running or walking into something or falling. Biting and grinding also can cause your tooth to chip, too.

    The filling that is used for fixing a chipped tooth is the same as when you have a crack but it’s put to the tooth’s exterior for rebuilding your tooth’s shape. Sometimes it’s also called dental bonding.

    4. A Filling Has to be Replaced

    A dental filling isn’t permanent. As time passes, they’re going to wear down and crack and chip. Sometimes they’ll even become separate from the tooth, falling out. When this happens, your teeth can be exposed to bacteria where you can’t effectively clean it.

    These are the four common reasons why a dentist will do a filling. Obviously, most people think of cavities, but that’s just the most common one. There are three other reasons, and the sooner they’re found the better. So see your dentist regularly.

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